Ross’ Gold Brand – Competitive advantage

The name synonymous with Ross’ Gold was established in 1998 with Ross Rebagliati’s entrance on the global stage as an Olympic Gold Medal winner and marijuana bad-boy. In the fifteen years that followed, Ross became the go to celebrity whenever there was a marijuana scandal involving another athlete such as Michael Phelps, or a public debate about marijuana legalization.  In 2013, he launched the brand Ross’ Gold with its marquee iconic logo and began a full advertising push across mainstream media in North America.  Ross positioned himself as a modern day medical cannabis user promoting the benefits to athletes and everyday people alike who look to alternatives to mainstream pharmaceuticals.  As the industry matured and legalization spread, Ross became the leader and continues to be sought after by the media on all facets of the industry’s growth.

Unlike other celebrity brands, Ross’ Gold comes from health and well-being rather than solely recreational.  The cachet of Snoop Dog, Bob Marley and Willy Nelson as examples, are derived from the culture of ‘smoking weed’.  These brands appeal to a specific segment of the recreational population, but may not serve the high growth medical cannabis use or new demographics becoming aware of marijuana for the first time.    Notwithstanding, Ross’ Gold is the only celebrity brand that has also moved into the burgeoning Hemp CBD market.

As marijuana becomes more and more accepted, consumers want a brand that appeals to their values.  Ross’ Gold denotes health, and well-being over just being stoned.  Ross’ Gold is a craft beer or cabernet versus the tequila shot mentality of some of the other brands now coming into play.   So do these brands compete with ours?  No.  What they do is legitimize our business model and provide an endorsement of the importance of celebrity branding.

“For me, whether you are skiing, or snowboarding, or riding a road bike, or working out at the gym, (marijuana use) puts you in the moment,” Rebagliati says. “You get in a zone where you can give it a 110 percent.”

Just three years ago, men were nearly 50% more likely to smoke pot than women. But as the political and social stigma against cannabis continues to fall, you’ll see more ladies shopping for marijuana and related products.  As a father of three children in a happy marriage, Ross Rebagliati promotes his family life through social media regularly and happily includes his family at media events.  This wide brand appeal crosses a wide section of society, and continues to grow. The market is becoming mainstream, and Ross’ Gold appeals to the everyday adult looking at this industry for the first time. No other celebrity brand carries the weight or broad appeal globally in the industry.